Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My oh my...

An elderly lady on one of our flights was walking down the aisle to the restroom when she felt faint, out of breath, and was very pale. We sat her down in a seat and followed the proper procedures, (notified flight deck, put her on oxygen, got connected with a doctor on the ground, asked for assistance from any medical personnel, wrote up a report, etc.).
After a while, her condition improved. She continued to use oxygen, we gave her something to eat and drink, and checked on her throughout the flight. A passenger (who was an EMT) sat with her, keeping an eye on the oxygen flow and chatting with her.
Though she was feeling better, the doctor recommended that paramedics meet the flight and make an assessment. She didn't want them to. Knowing the hesitation people feel because they are worried about cost, I told her there was no cost on her part. She said she wasn't worried about money.
When I asked her why she didn't want the paramedics to make an assessment, her response stunned me: "When I get off the plane, I want to smoke a cigarette..."


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