Thursday, October 12, 2006

"Do you have any lotion?"

Three beautiful, older black women were on my flight one day - they were friends from childhood, taking their yearly vacation together. One of them stopped me as I was passing through the cabin. "Honey, my hands are soooo dry. Do you have any lotion?"
"Of course!" I grabbed a little bottle out of my bag. One by one, I dribbled some lotion into each of their hands and helped myself to some, too. As we were rubbing it on our hands, arms, and faces, they kept commenting on how nice the lotion felt and how good it smelled. I was pleased and thought the same thing.

One of them asked, "what brand is it?" I looked at the label and started to laugh. I handed the bottle to the ladies. They burst into laughter, deep and full. We laughed for about ten minutes, tears streaming down our faces. I'm sure we woke up the entire cabin! The label, to everyone's surprise, didn't say lotion. It read, "hair conditioner!"


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