Tuesday, February 03, 2009

After almost 4 months off, I'm back to flying the friendly skies.

(My time off encompassed trips to Utah, Portland a couple times, Hawaii for hiking, a Panama Canal Cruise, Seattle a few times, and Virginia/Maryland/New York to celebrate the holidays with family and new baby (not mine!). More on those adventures later, perhaps?!)

So, I'm flying these crazy trips that get into Anchorage around 3a.m.

All's quiet in Anchorage. I'm on the employee bus going to my car, Scooter Schmoo. There is a yellowish-orange glow from the streetlamps reflecting off the new-fallen snow and it's just so... peaceful. Magical, almost. Like anything could happen....

Like seeing a HUGE MOOSE right in front of you, just moseying through the employee parking lot, like its' nobody's business!!! WOW! My first moose of the winter. Cool. (like 2 degrees cool, brrrrrrr.....)

Ahhhh... I just LOVE Alaska!


Blogger Jen Lee said...

Oh my goodness! A post by Colleen!!!!! Sounds like you have been very busy and having TONS of fun!!!!!

1:38 PM  

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