Saturday, September 27, 2008

He IS Listening!

This morning, I am sitting in my $400 car, Scooter Schmoo. It is full to the brim of all my belongings in Alaska... As I'm driving down New Seward Highway, I notice that my gas tank is on "E" and my car is starting to make some interesting noises, which can only mean I'm running on fumes.

A continual pleading prayer is running through my head and off my lips. "Heavenly Father, please, please, please let me make it to a gas station. Please, please, please..."

As I'm getting off at the exit, I am in the left-hand turn lane and see a station to my right. I zoom across three lanes of traffic pull into the station. Wow. I cannot believe I made it... Thank you, thank you...

I then realize my wallet is at the VERY BOTTOM of all that is packed in my car. To get to it, EVERYTHING would have to come out first. Sigh... and sigh again. As I get out of the car and am about to tackle this project, a woman approaches.

"Excuse me, I have something for you," she says to me.

"I'm sorry?" I say, confused. (I've never seen her before).

"Here you go, I felt like you needed this."

She hands me a $10 gas card.

"It's for you, no strings attached. I'm from a local church and we are handing out gas cards to the people we feel impressed to give them to. I felt like God wants me to give it to you. The Lord sends you his LOVE."

WOW... Talk about Heavenly Father giving us exactly what we need.

So, in case you were wondering, here is your answer:


Blogger Jen Lee said...

That is AWESOME! I wish I would have read this yesterday. Our primary class was in charge of sharing time and we were giving examples of prayers being answered by the Holy Ghost, the scriptures and by others! That would have been the PERFECT example of Heavenly Father answering your prayer through someone else. So, what are you going to do now to be the answer to someone else's prayer?!

5:49 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

That gives me a chuckle and goosebumps. A chuckle becasue you are your mother's child - I remember her running out of gas or on fumes a lot of times. Goosebumps because in my Sunday School class, we were talking about angels and how God uses all of us as angels to others at one time or another. That lady was your angel on that particular day.

So, where were you headed with all of your worldly belongings?

7:12 AM  

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