Monday, February 16, 2009


My friend, Nathan, lives in South Carolina. We were chatting on the phone one day, discussing how much we love chocolate. (I'm partial to Dove dark b/c it's accessible in most stores!! ha ha). He told me the best he's ever had was at this chocolate shop in Monterey, California.

A couple weeks later, I come home from a long night of flying. It's 3am in Anchorage, and there are about 2 inches of new fallen snow on the ground. As I approach the front door, I notice there is a package on the doorstep - addressed to me!!! Can you guess what's inside?

It's a box of chocolates from Lula's in Monterey, California! With them is a note that says '... Enjoy the best chocolates ever...'! What a lovely surprise! Thank you, sweet Nathan!
And you know what? They ARE the best chocolates ever... WOW. You have to check it out, maybe order some and spoil yourself a bit.
They are like heaven!


Blogger Jen Lee said...

What a sweet friend! And what a lucky girl!

11:12 PM  
Blogger rebeccaslife said...

You know ... it was hard not to ever eat Lula's since I'm allergic to chocolate! Everyone said it was the best while I lived in Monterey! And of course the owners are good friends of mine, so it made it even more difficult! Nathan is really sweet! I'm glad he sent you the best chocolates from Monterey! Oh and Nathan just got married a couple of weeks ago! Woohoo! Someone caught him! :)

7:57 AM  

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