Sunday, October 22, 2006

to puke or not to puke, that is the question....

So... I am working a flight with two of my friends who don't know each other. In introducing them to each other, I say, "Stephanie, this is Sean." "And Sean, this is Stephanie. She doesn't do puke."
Later during the flight, they are on the beverage cart in the back and I am up in first class. Suddenly, Steph rushes into the front galley, grabs a fresh bag of coffee and puts it up to her nose. Immediately, I know that someone has thrown up. I have her stay up front and serve first class and I go to help Sean in the back.
When I get there, I discover that not only has someone thrown up, but has thrown up on the outside of the beverage cart, in the beverage cart, on her seat, and all over the floor! We pull the cart in the back, help the passenger to the bathroom and make sure she is alright, get her a plastic bag and her suitcase so she can change her clothes, and then try to clean up.
We put this powder stuff on the puke to soak it up and mask the smell. There is so much on the floor that we just put a blanket over the area, wipe down the seats, and reseat passengers who are getting sick because of the smell. The sick passenger is also reseated, feeling much better after getting rid of whatever was ailing her in the first place. We put away the puked-on cart and open another cart to finish serving the rest of the passengers their drinks.
When other passengers notice the cart is out of the aisle, they start coming back to use the lavatories. None of them know there has been a puke incident, they step on the blanket, or try to step over over the blanket, (but sometimes it catches on their shoes and they pull it down the aisle by accident!) Ick!!! One lady sees the blanket on the floor and tries to pick it up so she can fold it and put it away."NO, STOP!!!!!"
Sean picks up the p/a and makes an announcement:
"Ladies and gentlemen, the cart is out of the aisle, and many of you are coming back to use the lavatories. You will notice a blanket on the floor in the aisle at row 22. Do not move the blanket. Do not step on it. Do not pick it up. Do not look under it - you do not want to see what is under there."
After that, we have no more problems with the blanket and the puke. The remainder of the flight goes smoothly, the passengers use caution when stepping over the blanket, the lady feels better, Stephanie finishes the flight with a coffee bag up to her nose, and everyone is doing fine.
One last announcement is made as we pull into the gate:
"Ladies and gentlemen, if you are seated in the aft of the cabin, we remind you of the blanket at row 22. Please do not step on the blanket. Do not pull your suitcase over the blanket. Pick up your suitcase, step over the blanket, and then set your suitcase down and continue down the aisle. Thank you, and have a pleasant day."


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