Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Now, THIS is thinking outside the box!

This story is TOO GOOD to not write down.
It did not happen to me, but I sure hope you enjoy it. ;)

So, my friend and his wife and their 50-pound dog were traveling from Kansas to Kuwait. They got stuck in NYC due to a mechanical problem with the plane, and had to get a hotel for the night.

The airline tried to help them find lodging that would take dogs, but were having difficulty. Finally, after calling 17 hotels, the airline was able to get them a hotel reservation. So my friend, his wife, and 50-pound dog took a shuttle to the hotel. However, upon arrival, they discovered the hotel only allows dogs who are UNDER 10 pounds!!!

So, how did they find a place that allows a 50-pound dog? Well, the next hotel they went to, my friend put on a pair of sunglasses, walked into the hotel lobby holding onto his wife's arm w/ the dog by his side... The dog led him to the sitting-area in the lobby, where he sat down while his wife checked them in. And the hotel didn't give him any problems because they thought he was a blind man with his seeing-eye-dog!!!



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