Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shopping in Dubai

They say the shopping in Dubai is a highlight, a must-see, a must-do. On the tour bus, when approaching the Deira Gold Souq, the tour guide gave fair warning, "This next stop makes the ladies happy. Gentlemen, hold onto your wallets." As you can see, there is A LOT OF BLING, and it goes on forever!!!!

And yes, it does make the ladies happy. :)

My favorite shopping experience, however, did not involve jewelry directly. While melting in the 110 degree weather and admiring the streets aligned w/ gold, my friend and I decided that it was simply too hot and we should go to the beach to cool off.

The only thing we needed were swimsuits. No problem - we entered a shop that had mannequins dressed in swimsuits, and inquired if they had more of a selection. The store worker brought over a stack of swimsuits, each individually packaged in clear plastic. "Choose one," he said to me.

I ruffled through the pack, picked out a suit, opened the package and held it up.
It was the size of a 2T onesie! I asked, "do you, by chance, have something in a larger size????"

"Yes," he said,
"Small, medium, large. One size fits all."

What? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????!! Have you ever heard of a one-size-fits-all-swimsuit?!!?
Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, and we were quickly melting and the ocean was an absolute necessity at this point. So we bought it - for $4.50 - and laughed all the way to the beach.

And so, you may ask, does one size fits all?!?
Well..... not quite, but close enough!

And so, this is me, in my $4.50 one size fits all swimsuit, at Jumeirah Open Beach in Dubai. :)

And this is as close you'll ever get to seeing me in it - ever again!

It may, however, look super-cute on my 3-year old niece, Molly.


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