Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat!!!

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I love Halloween!
This year, I convinced my crew to dress up - we wore striped stockings and bunny ears. I also brought 'hats' for the captain and first officer - an English cap and a clown wig. They actually wore them the whole time - even through the terminal!
One of the flight attendants, a 20-year veteran, (who looked great in my purple and black striped stockings!) commented to the passengers as I was handing out candy, "It's so much fun flying w/ a 12-year old!" I turned around and she gave me a wink. She was having as much fun as I was! :)
Good times, great memories!
Happy Halloween!!!


Blogger jlk said...

I'm so glad you've updated your blog! Those are great stories. Keep 'em coming!

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