Friday, June 08, 2007

Here Comes the Bride!

Okay, okay, okay. So I haven't been to work in a million years, thus the flight attendant stories have somewhat dwindled. :) However, vacations are a must. :) And life has been lovely and exciting.

This weekend, I was the maid of honor in one of my dearestmostamazingkindredspiritfriendsonthewholeplanet's wedding. It was a fabulous day, in so many ways. Some highlights:

First and foremost, Erin and Peter, or 'Petah,' as I call him, got married. YAY! :)
Erin's mom, 'Mama Jen,' married them (she's a pastor). It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony.
Her dad, 'Papa Ailstock,' gave the most touching, heartfelt toast I've ever heard.
Her sister, 'DeeDee' ;) and I got to wear fabulous dresses as her bridesmaids.
The Bride made her own wedding cake - it was OH MY HOLY COW WIZ-BANG DELISH!
The best man's toast was HILARIOUS. I'd like to share a bit of it: (in a perfect English accent, b/c he is, indeed, English)
"I asked Peter what he wanted from this marriage, his goals, his purpose. And this is what he said.
'I want to be a model husband to my wife. I want to be a model son-in-law to her parents. I want to be a model father. And-' he added with a smile, '-I want to be a model lover."
The best man continued, "Well, I looked up "model" in the dictionary...
Model: a small or miniature version of the real thing.
And so, with that, I say, 'Good luck,' to the bride."
It was quite clever. And we laughed and laughed and laughed.... :)
And the bride and groom? They are living happily ever after, of course!!!


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OK - six months of vacation from blogging is way too long. Get with it, funny girl.

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