Sunday, June 08, 2008

World's Best Sledding

It was a gorgeous day in Anchorage, Alaska. The sun was shining, the sky blue. It was ALMOST warm, but not quite!
I had just flown in from a Seattle all-nighter and was exhausted, but couldn't let the day go to waste. Edmond, Debbie, Stephanie and I decided to hike up to Flat Top.

It was a great day for a hike. I admit, on no sleep, it was pretty exhausting. But it was so nice to be out there in the sunshine, and breathing in the fresh "springtime" air. And when I say air, I mean AIR! The wind was CRAZY! It would come in gusts; there was a time or two we thought we'd get blown off the mountain!

We had a BLAST. It was a lot of work, especially with the snow on the rocks! When we got towards the top, Edmond decided to climb up all the way and slide DOWN!

We thought he was NUTS!!! But down, down, down he went, (screaming like a girl the whole way). Ha ha! He then he ran/climbed back up the mountain and convinced Steph to go. I needed a bit more persuading... Here's the footage from my end. And then from their end!!!!

After they slid down, I decided I'd rather die sliding down the mountain than die while slipping and falling down icy rocks trying to climb down! It proved to be an excellent choice! (and took a lot less time, too!) I went with two guys I met on the top of the mountain. Hopefully I can get the footage from their camera; it shows me getting squashed by the guy in the swishy pants that zoooooomed down the mountain! ha ha! What a fun day!


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Hi Fly Girl! It's Mary's mom, Abe, Elise, Noah's gran... Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. You could write a book. Take care and all best wishes to you. Deb

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