Monday, January 14, 2008

Angels in the Snow by: Larry Haddock y Cocina Limpia

Larry is one of my best buddies in Ogden, Utah. I flew out and surprised him for his birthday! Here is our fun adventure, written from HIS point of view!!!! (After a bad car accident 7 years ago, Larry has been on a long road of recovery. Here you can see how far he's come! Awesome, Larry! Great job!!!! )
It was the day after my 30th birthday. (Happy Birthday to me!) I excused myself from work so I could spend more time with my good friend, Clean Kitchen (Colleen Kigin-that's me!), who came into town for my birthday. I was trying to go about my life in a normal fashion. What I forgot is that NOTHING is normal when it comes to Clean Kitchen!
A few days ago, it snowed at least 20 inches. It continued to snow on an off over the next couple of days. My idea of normal life in the snow is to be inside, out of the snow, playing computer games. Clean Kitchen's idea is a little bit different, (or maybe a lot!).
She asked me if I'd like to go outside to make snow angels. Of course, the idea sounded a little bizarre at first, especially for a guy in a wheelchair; not to mention the freezing-cold temperatures involved! After she insisted enough and Mom offered me warm dress, I finally agreed. My boots weighed about 4-tons each, making it hard to walk. But I got out of my wheelchair and walked across the seemingly 3-feet deep snow, with Clean Kitchen in tow.
It was so fun walking through the snow because my left leg picked up and cleared the snow pretty good (considering the 4-ton boots!).
It was also neat becuase we could fall and not die! We would count, "ONE, TWO, THREEEEEEEEE!!!!" and then purposefully fall backwards into the snow!!!!! It was a nice, cushy landing every time. Then we would flail our arms and legs around and when we got up, 'VOILA!' siamese-snow angels!
Instead of making one snow angel, we made three. Instead of fifteen minutes, we stayed out there over an hour. We even made a mini-snowman, caught snowflakes on our tongues, and walked a mile uphill both ways (ha ha ha). And we got it all on camera!

Clean Kitchen and I also took some of our own self-portraits. Not bad, either... at least because of the subject-matter!!!
The end of the trek involved going
all the way into the house was long and hard after playing for so long, but I am better and stronger because of it. Now I can say, "Been there, Done that, Let's do it again sometime!" And I hope you'll join me.
The End. Goodbye. :)


Blogger Jen said...

That is so awesome that you came out to Utah for his birthday. What a blessing you are in so many people's lives! Next time you are in Utah we should get together!

3:27 PM  
Blogger Janelle said...

Colleen, you always make me smile! I'm so glad you are Larry are such great amigos. Good friends are priceless!

4:51 PM  

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