Saturday, October 15, 2011

A lot of ground covered....

Or maybe I should say, a lot of land and sea can be covered in a year...) It's been a year to the day since my last 'blog'. I have kind of been out of the country (oh, I do like saying that). Or I just haven't gotten around to it... In either case, here's a rundown:
(September 2010) Alaska Cruise with Larry Haddock and his parents.
SEPT/OCT 2010 Pacific Islands Cruise with Stephanie Hutchings and Edmond Noble and Sarah Rodondi- 30 days - San Francisco to Australia.
OCT/NOV 2010- One-month road-trip up the east-coast of Australia from Sydney to Cooktown.Chillin in the bush with Nick Racz! Diving the Great Barrier Reef on a liveaboard boat.
DECEMBER 2010- 4-days in the Amazon with my parents with caiman, pink dolphins, monkeys, tarantulas, and piranhas. 20-day South America/Antarctica cruise with my sister, Becky, and our parents - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Buenos Aires, Argentina, with 4 days cruising around Antarctica!!!
JANUARY/FEBRUARY - solo backpacking through South America - Argentina (Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Salta and environs), Bolivia (Salar de Uyuni, Lake Titicaca), Peru (Cuzco, Machu Picchu) . Met amazing people along the way. Return to the states - spent lots of time with family and friends in Virginia and Maryland and had a blast. Especially with my cute nieces and nephews!
MARCH - BACK to WORK, up in Alaska! WORK WORK WORK... Awesome layovers - Fairbanks Ice Championships, Chicago with DeVault cousins, San Fran with my SFO-4. Iditarod 2011 in Nome, Alaska with Christopher Hudson. Seattle for St. Patty's Day - green egg burritos with Derek Rowley, Birthday Limo Ride for Miss Jeanne, Angie Keene's wedding.
APRIL - Playing tourist in D.C. with my friend, Jenny Cowell! Home with friends and family. Back to work. A couple visits to Nome, Sweet, Nome. Back to work! A trip to Atlanta to see Debbie and Stanley, back to work, San Diego for Shane's housewarming party, back to work, and then headed HOME!
MAY - Full-time Aunt Beanie!!!!!! Ryan and Melissa had Caden Joseph Kigin in April, so I went to help out with their THREE boys! Derek Rowley came to D.C. for 10 days. We also went to Rehoboth Beach with Mel, Bobbie and the kids!
JUNE/JULY - Father's Day in NYC. Back to work. Work, work, work. Stressful commute - Christopher Hudson saved me, bless his heart forever. Fun adventure - glacier cruising out of Whittier. Work, work, work! :) Spending time with my Alaska friends. :) Wedding/Family Reunion in Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.
AUGUST - Shane and Nora got married in San Diego! We like to call them Shanora! (kid-free wedding, fun for all the siblings!) Work trips to see Kigins in Phoenix, Chicago, friends in Portland, Sitka and Juneau. Good times.
SEPTEMBER - Transferred bases from Anchorage to Seattle. Miami trip - Sency! Recurrent training - I'm a flight attendant for another year! Fire and Ice Cruise with Stephanie and Edmond- Denmark, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Nova Scotia, Ft. Lauderdale. Home for a day! Back to work!
OCTOBER - Utah for four days. Reunion w/ BYU roommates, friends from Virginia, friends from Alaska, and new friends. :) LA for Pete and Anita's wedding. Work, work, work. Chicago to see cousins! :) Woohoo!
And so here I am.
And there I was.
And that's that.
The End.


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